Table 2: CMIP Experimental Details

Features of CMIP experimental implementation and output data for participating models. The links in column headings connect to further explanations of the symbols used in that column. Links in table cells connect to further explanation of specific details for that model.
CMIP Model Initialization Method Flux Adjustment Run Length (years) Surface Air Temp Missing Data 
BMRC1 2 A,B,D none  105  I(1.5 m) ocean data, standard deviations
CCCma 4A,B,C,D, some 3 heat, water  150 I(2 m)  
CCSR 2A,B,C,D , some 3 heat, water  40 L(sigma=0.995)   
CERFACS1 1A,B,C none 40 I(2 m)  
COLA 1 1A,B,C none 50 Veg. canopy T, ocean skin T   
COLA 2 1A,B,C none 190  Veg. canopy T, ocean skin T   
CSIRO 4A,B,C,D heat, water, momentum  100 I(2 m)  
ECHAM1+LSG 4A,B,C,D  heat, water, momentum  960 I(2m) missing all, except sfc temp
ECHAM3+LSG 4A,B,C,D heat, water, momentum 1000 I(2m) flux-correction fields
ECHAM4+OPYC3 3A,B,C,D,E annual mean heat, water 240 I(2m)  
annual mean heat, water (global mean set  to 0)
GFDL_R15_a 4A,B,C,D heat, water 1000  L(sigma=0.990)   
GISS (Miller) 4A,B,D none 89 I(10 m)  
GISS (Russell) 1A,B,C none 98 I(sigma~0.985) barotropic strmfcn, decadal standard devns
IAP/LASG1 3A,B,C,D,E,F heat, water (SSS restored to obs), momentum 50 L(sigma=0.991)  
LMD/IPSL1 1A,B,C none  24 L(sigma=0.979) decadal stndrd devns
MRI1 4A,B,C,D heat, water  100 I(0 m) ocean heat transports
NCAR (CSM) 2 A,B,C,D none 300 I(2m)   
NRL1 2 A,B,C,D annual mean heat, water  36 L(sigma=0.997)  
UKMO (HadCM2) 3 A,B,C,D,E,F heat, water 1085  I(1.5 m)  


Initialization Method (Cf. the review by Stouffer and Dixon 1997 concerning the rationale for the following categories.)

Run Length: The length of the simulated output data that are archived for the CMIP intercomparison. Note, this run length may be shorter than what actually has been simulated, to date, by the coupled model.

Surface Air Temperature: The definition of each model's "surface air temperature" is summarized. L denotes the temperature of the lowest atmospheric level, with the associated sigma value given in parentheses.  I denotes an air temperature that is intermediate between the temperatures at the ground and at the lowest atmospheric level, with the nominal height noted in parentheses (expressed either in meters above the surface or as an intermediate sigma level).

Missing Data: Data not provided in the CMIP1 requested data list.

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