Model LMD/IPSL1: Elaborations


Model LMD/IPSL1 is an entry in the CMIP1 intercomparison only.


The procedure for spinup/initialization of the LMD/IPSL coupled model is as follows (reference:  Laurent Fairhead, personal communication):

The CMIP I simulation starting point was the tenth year of a previous coupled model integration which was initialized as follows:

Land Surface Processes

Sea Ice

Chief Differences from Closest AMIP Model

The atmospheric model (designated as version LMD5.3) is as described by Harzallah&Sadourny(1995). Aside from its use of higher atmospheric horizontal and vertical resolution, model LMD5.3 differs in the following respects from AMIP model LMD LMD5 (3.6 x 5.6 L11):


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