Model CSIRO: Elaborations



Model CSIRO is an entry in both the CMIP1 and CMIP2 intercomparisons.


The procedure for spinup/initialization to the simulation starting point of the CSIRO coupled model is as follows (reference: Gordon and O'Farrell 1997):

Land Surface Processes

The land surface scheme is after Kowalczyk et al. (1991,1994).

Sea Ice


Ocean Component


Details of the CMIP Integrations

Chief Differences from the Closest AMIP Model

Horizontal Representation

In contrast to AMIP model CSIRO CSIRO9 Mark 1 (R21 L9), the representation of atmospheric moisture transport is semi-Lagrangian.

Sea Ice

A dynamic/thermodynamic sea ice model after O'Farrell (1998) replaces the formulation of the AMIP model.

Land Surface Processes

Land surface processes related to hydrology and vegetation differ from those in the AMIP model.


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