"The Asian Summer Monsoon: An Intercomparison of CMIP-5 vs. CMIP-3 Simulations of the 20th Century"

K. R. Sperber, H. Annamalai, I.-S. Kang,
A. Kitoh, A. Moise, A. Turner, B. Wang, and T. Zhou

Author Version of the Published Journal Article
Climate Dynamics Version of the Published Journal Article

Sperber, K. R.; Annamalai, H.; Kang, I.-S.; Kitoh, A.; Moise, A.; Turner, A.; Wang, B.; Zhou, T., 2012, "The Asian summer monsoon: an intercomparison of CMIP5 vs. CMIP3 simulations of the late 20th century", Climate Dynamics, DOI: 10.1007/s00382-012-1607-6

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