BMRC BMRC3.7.1 (R31 L17) 1995 Contents

Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre: Model BMRC BMRC3.7.1 (R31 L17) 1995

Model BMRC BMRC3.7.1 (R31 L17) 1995 is identical to its companion model BMRC BMRC3.7 (R31 L17) 1995 except for the use of the BASE land surface scheme instead of the simpler formulation of the companion model-- a difference also reflected in a somewhat reduced computational performance with the BASE scheme.)

Model BMRC BMRC3.7.1 (R31 L17) 1995 differs from baseline model BMRC BMRC2.3 (R31 L9) 1990 in the following respects:

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