Table 2-5 Table 2-5: Filtering, smoothing, and filling. The table lists the instances of application of time filtering, spatial filtering/smoothing of model atmosphere and orography, or filling of spurious negative values of atmospheric moisture. (For orography, only smoothing procedures more complex than the area-averaging of orographic heights over model grid boxes and/or the truncation of spectral representations of orography at grid resolution are tracked here. The use of enhanced orography is also noted as appropriate.) Hyperlinks connect to the summary report for each AMIP model version.

Model Version Time Filtering Spatial Filtering/Smoothing Moisture Filling
Atmosphere Orography
BMRC BMRC2.3 (R31 L9) 1990 x   x x
BMRC BMRC3.7 (R31 L17) 1995 x   x x
BMRC BMRC3.7.1 (R31 L17) 1995 x   x x
CCC GCMII (T32 L10) 1990 x     x
CCSR/NIES AGCM (T21 L20) 1995 x   x x
CNRM EMERAUDE (T42 L30) 1992 x     x
CNRM ARPEGE Cy11 (T42 L30) 1992 x     x
COLA COLA1.1 (R40 L18) 1993 x   mean silhouette orography x
CSIRO CSIRO9 Mark1 (R21 L9) 1992 x     x
CSU CSU91 (4x5 L17) 1991   x subjective smoothing x
CSU CSU95 (4x5 L17) 1995   x subjective smoothing x
DERF GFDLSM392.2 (T42 L18) 1993 x     x
DERF GFDLSM195 (T42 L18) 1995 x   x x
DNM A5407.V1 (4x5 L7) 1991   x x x
DNM A5407.V2 (4x5 L7) 1995   x x x
ECMWF ECMWF Cy36 (T42 L19) 1990 x   smoothed envelope orography x
GFDL CDG1 (R30 L14) 1992 x   x x
GISS Model II Prime (4x5 L9) 1994   x   x
GLA GCM-01.0 AMIP-01 (4x5 L17) 1992   x x x
GSFC GEOS-1 (4x5 L20) 1993 x x x x
IAP IAP-2L (4x5 L2) 1993 x x x x
JMA GSM8911 (T42 L21) 1993 x     x
LLNL LLNL/UCLA MPP1 (4x5 L15) 1995   x    
LMD LMD5 (3.6x5.6 L11) 1991   x   x
LMD LMD6b (3.6x5.6 L11) 1995   x   x
LMD LMD6s (3.6x5.6 L11) 1995   x   x
MGO AMIP92 (T30 L14) 1992     x x
MPI ECHAM3 (T42 L19) 1992 x   x for radiation only
MPI ECHAM4 (T42 L19) 1995 x   x  
MRI GCM-II (4x5 L15) 1993   x    
MRI GCM-IIb (4x5 L15) 1995   x    
NCAR CCM2 (T42 L18) 1992 x   x  
NMC MRF (T40 L18) 1992 x      
NRL NOGAPS3.2 (T47 L18) 1993 x   smoothed silhouette orography x
NRL NOGAPS3.4 (T47 L18) 1995 x   smoothed silhouette orography x
NTU GCM (T42 L13) 1995 x   x x
RPN NWP-D40P29 (T63 L23) 1993 x   x  
SUNYA CCM1-TG (R15 L12) 1990 x   x x
SUNYA/NCAR GENESIS1.5 (T31 L18) 1994 x   mean envelope orography  
SUNYA/NCAR GENESIS1.5A (T31 L18) 1995 x   mean envelope orography  
UCLA AGCM6.4 (4x5 L15) 1992   x    
UGAMP UGCM1.3 (T42 L19) 1993 x   smoothed envelope orography x
UIUC MLAM-AMIP (4x5 L7) 1993   x    
UKMO HADAM1 (2.5x3.75 L19) 1993   x x x
YONU Tr5.1 (4x5 L5) 1994   x    
YONU Tr7.1 (4x5 L7) 1995   x    


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