Table: The monthly-averaged standard output data to be generated by the AMIP simulations for each month of 1979-1988.

    Set 1	Global geographical distribution of surface, top-of-the-atmosphere 
    	and vertically integrated variables
    	Sea-level pressure*			Eastward wind stress+
    	Temperature (ground)*			Northward wind stress+
    	Surface air temperature*		Sensible heat flux+
    	Total cloudiness			Net surface short-wave flux+
    	Total precipitable water		Net surface long-wave flux+
    	Soil moisture				Top-of-atmosphere net
    						short-wave flux+
    	Snow mass	 			
    	Precipitation+				OLR+
    	Evaporation+				Cloud radiative forcing
    Set 2	Global distribution of 3-D variables
    	Temperature at 200 hPa*			Meridional wind at 200 hPa*
    	Temperature at 850hPa*			Meridional wind at 850 hPa*
    	Geopotential height at 200 hPa*		Streamfunction at 200 hPa*
    	Geopotential height at 500 hPa*		Streamfunction at 850hPa*
    	Geopotential height at 850 hPa*		Velocity potential at 200 hPa*
    	Specific humidity at 200 hPa*		Velocity potential at 850 hPa*
    	Specific humidity at 850 hPa*	
    	Zonal wind at 200 hPa*	
    	Zonal wind at 850 hPa*	
    Set 3	Meridional-vertical distribution of zonal means
    	Specific humidity
    	Relative humidity
    	Zonal wind
    	Meridional wind 
    	Streamfunction of mean meridional circulation
    	* Includes variance of daily averages about monthly mean
    	+ Accumulated value

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