AMIP Diagnostic Subprojects

AMIP Diagnostic Subprojects

A list of the AMIP diagnostic subprojects and their scientific foci (current as of September, 1996). Coordination with other World Climate Research Programme initiatives is also noted as appropriate.

Subproject Scientific Focus
SP 1 Variability in the tropics: synoptic to intraseasonal time scales
SP 2 Intercomparison of low frequency variability
SP 3 Cyclone frequencies and extratropical intraseasonal variability
SP 4 Clear-sky greenhouse sensitivity, water vapor distribution, and cloud radiative forcing
SP 5 Surface boundary fluxes over the ocean
SP 6 Monsoons (coordinated with *MONEG/TOGA, *WGNE)
SP 7 Intercomparison of hydrologic processes in general circulation models
SP 8 Polar phenomena and sea ice (coordinated with *SIOMP/ACSYS)
SP 9 Validation of high latitude tropospheric circulation in the Southern Hemisphere
SP 10 Diagnostics of atmospheric blocking in general circulation models
SP 11 Validation of humidity, moisture fluxes, and soil moisture in general circulation models
SP 12 Land-surface processes and parameterizations (coordinated with *PILPS/GCIP/GEWEX, *WGNE)
SP 13 Diagnoses of global cloudiness variations in general circulation model results and observational data
SP 14 Cloud radiative forcing: intercomparison and validation
SP 15 Atmospheric angular momentum fluctuations in global numerical models
SP 16 Simulations of the stratospheric circulation
SP 17 Multi-scale water and energy balance processes (coordinated with *GCIP/GEWEX)
SP 18 Performance capability of the current atmospheric general circulation models to simulate extreme events and circulation patterns
SP 19 Model validation by microwave sounding unit (MSU) data
SP 20 Intercomparison of model simulated atmospheric circulation features related to Southern Africa
SP 21 Surface monthly and daily time-scale climatologies and regional climate anomalies
SP 22 Comparative energetics analysis of climate models in the wavenumber domain
SP 23 Variations of the centers of action
SP 24 Analysis of Caspian Sea regional climate data for 1979-1988 as compared to AMIP model outputs
SP 25 General circulation model simulation of the East Asian climate
SP 26 Monsoon precipitation simulation in the AMIP runs
*Other World Climate Research Programme Initiatives:
ACSYS: Arctic Climate System Study
GCIP: GEWEX Continental-Scale International Project
GEWEX: Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment
MONEG: Monsoon Numerical Experimentation Group
PILPS: Project for Intercomparison of Landsurface Parameterization Schemes
SIOMP: Sea Ice and Ocean Modelling Panel
TOGA : Tropical Ocean-Global Atmosphere
WGNE: Working Group on Numerical Experimentation

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