What's New

What's New?

Version 1.3 of this hypertext summary documentation of the AMIP models (released on November 15, 1996) shows many changes from Version 1.2 (released August 10, 1995)--see the History of Changes for a comprehensive listing.

Aside from numerous minor corrections and updates, Verson 1.3 includes summary reports and tables on 16 new models that have been used for the AMIP I experiment (i.e., for the period 1979-1988). Three of these models are the entries of new AMIP groups (CCSR, LLNL, NTU), while the remainder are newer versions of models from AMIP groups that elected to repeat the experiment. For the latter cases, the new model reports express the differences from the original (or "baseline") model of each group.

Another Version 1.3 innovation is the use of HTML 3.0 tables (rather than the gif images of earlier versions) to express selected features across all the AMIP models. In addition to enhancing readability, the new tables allow the inclusion of hyperlinks to directly connect the abbreviated table entries with the fuller descriptions of the model reports.

Finally, users can download Version 1.3 as compressed HTML or compressed Postscript for local viewing or printing.

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