Phillips95 Phillips, T. J., 1995: AMIP information on the World Wide Web. Abstracts of the First International AMIP Scientific Conference, Monterey, California, 115.

Hypertext documentation of the numerical algorithms and physical parameterizations in use by 30 AMIP models is now available on the World Wide Web (WWW). The inclusion of several thousand hyperlinks in these Web pages permits easy access to specific information on the AMIP models that are of most interest to the individual scientist. This documentation may be accessed via PCMDI's web site at:

Other PCMDI Web pages include lists of the AMIP modeling groups and diagnostic subprojects, an explanation of the AMIP standard output variables, and a status report on AMIP model history data that is being archived at PCMDI.

As the AMIP continues to unfold, PCMDI will disseminate documentation on future model/version entries principally through the World Wide Web. We also plan to use this medium for distribution of data (e.g. some reanalysis-derived products), software (e.g. PCMDI's DRS and DDI libraries), and information on AMIP results (e.g. citations and abstracts of publications). PCMDI therefore urges groups that revisit the AMIP with new model versions to supply updated documentation of model features. We also request that all AMIP participants provide PCMDI with citations and abstracts of AMIP analyses as these are published (and/or provide the path to equivalent information on their institution's WWW pages).