Lambert95 Lambert, J., J. Sheng and J. Boyle, 1995: Cyclone frequencies and intraseasonal variability in GCMs (Diagnostic Subproject 3). Abstracts of the First International AMIP Scientific Conference, Monterey, California, 75.

As part of a diagnostic subproject, we present various aspects of the cyclone climatologies and intraseasonal variability simulated by models participating in the Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project (AMIP).

The geographical distribution of the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere winter cyclone frequencies are presented and compared to the corresponding statistics obtained from observations.

The interannual variability of the simulated climatologies is examined by computing the year-to-year changes in the number of simulated cyclones as a function of central pressure. The simulated interannual variability is compared to the observed variability during the AMIP period, 1979-1988.