Gadgil95 Gadgil, S. and A. Raju, 1995: Simulation of monsoon and its interannual variation in the AMIP runs (Diagnostic Subproject 26). Abstracts of the First International AMIP Scientific Conference, Monterey, California, 66. 
A comparison of the simulated mean monthly precipitation by the different models over the South Asian longitudes 70-90°E and the African summer monsoon zone of 0-40°E with the OLR and HRC shows that almost all the models simulate the convection over 0-30°E during the boreal summer reasonably well and have excess precipitation at 40°E throughout the year. For the S. Asian longitudes, six models simulate reasonably realistically location and intensity of the summer rainbelt over the S. Asian continent as well as the length of the rainy season. Comparison of the variation of the simulated precipitation during the contrasting years of 1982 and 1983 with the observed variation of OLR and Indian rainfall shows that there appears to be no relationship between the ability to capture the interannual variation and ability to simulate the mean precipitation pattern. In fact, the anomalies over the Indian region for several models appear to be of the wrong sign - so models are simulating an excess during drought years.

Some interesting results have emerged about the pattern of anomalies. The difference in precipitation between the two years suggest that, in the models, the most common patterns of variation over the Indian region are north-south shifts of the rainbelt, and also shrinking and expansion along the east-west direction in the monsoon zone. A comparison with the observed rainfall anomaly patterns over the Indian region provides useful insight into the behavior of the different models.