AMIP II Diagnostic Subproject Proposals

Call for AMIP II Diagnostic Subproject Proposals

Proposals for the formation of AMIP II diagnostic subprojects are still being accepted for review by the WGNE AMIP Panel.   However,  many have already been established, and the approval of any new subproject will be contigent on whether or not they conflict with existing projects.

As in AMIP I, in-depth analysis and intercomparison of the AMIP II simulations will be be carried out by a diverse community of experts. Scientists with interest in establishing an offical AMIP II diagnositc subproject should be familiar with the AMIP II guidelines, especially the responsibilites of AMIP II diagnostic subprojects. Approved diagnostic subprojects will have exclusive access to AMIP II model output for the first two years after it has been placed in the AMIP archive. There will be no direct funding provided by the AMIP Project Office to approved diagnostic subprojects.

Proposals should be no more than 1000 words (excluding references), and include:

1) Short title (examples from AMIP I)

2) Name and address of proposed subproject leader(s)

3) Background to the intended research

4) Objectives: A clear and concise discussion of the intended diagnostic/intercomparison study, including justification of its importance

5) Methodology (e.g., specific computations and diagnoses to be made, sources of validation data to be used)

6) Data requirements: A listing of the variables from the AMIP II Standard Model Output that are required for the intended study, including specification of the averaging period (monthly or 6-hourly). Each requested variable should be justified, particularly the 6-hourly data.

7) References (including a listing of all relevant publications by the proposed subproject leader(s))

Existing AMIP I diagnositic subprojects must be re-approved if they are to be continued in AMIP II. The above instructions apply for existing subprojects, although the proposal can be similar to that accepted in AMIP I if justification is given for the continuation of the subproject.

Proposals should be sent to the AMIP Project Office as ascii text (strongly preferred), or by regular mail to:

AMIP Project Office
PCMDI, L-264
LLNL, P.O. Box 808
Livermore, CA 94550

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