A Guide to CMIP6 Participation

Karl E. Taylor, Sebastien Denvil, Paul J. Durack, Michael Lautenschlager, Martina Stockhause, Dean Williams and many others

This guide is a “living” document, which will be augmented and updated as needed. It is sub-divided into three parts distinguished by the groups served:

Here are links to the parts of the guide.

For CMIP6 participating climate modelers:

  1. Requirements and expectations
  2. Experiment design
  3. Forcing data sets
  4. Model output fields
  5. Model output requirements
  6. Software for preparing/checking output
  7. Archiving/publishing output
  8. Documentation process
  9. CMIP6 organization and governance

For CMIP6 ESGF data node managers and operators (in preparation):

  1. Hardware requirements
  2. Operational requirements/expectations
  3. Publication procedure
  4. Software supporting publication/replication

For Users of CMIP6 model output (in preparation):

  1. Experiment design
  2. Model output specifications
  3. Accessing model output
  4. Terms of use and citation requirements
  5. Reporting suspected errors
  6. Registering published work based on CMIP6
Document version: 13 September 2017