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The Earth System Grid Federation is currently in the process of redeployment. Although individual sites such as this one have been brought online you should consider the system at risk until integration testing between sites is completed. An update to this notice will be made once this is the case.
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Welcome to the ESGF Node at DOE/LLNL


The Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) maintains a global system of federated data centers that allow access to the largest archive of climate data world-wide.  Our node hosts the CMIP5 project.

Please note the new server name:  this node (formerly is now   If you enter your full openid, please use the new hostname in the openid url.

Returning users who had accounts prior to 2015 July on "" must re-register to create an openid.  You may use the same username as previously used (if not already taken by a different user).  Use the link in the upper-right of this page: "Create Account"

Once you have created your account, click here to register for access to CMIP5 data downloads 

Data Search Tip: use the "Show all Replicas" checkbox to expand the data search to additional models.

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