Documentation of AMIP data transmission 
When sending LATS-generated data to PCMDI, please document the following:

1. Media type (data may be supplied on exabyte or 4mm tapes, or cdrom - contact PCMDI to make special arrangements if these media are not available):

2. Your operating system/version (e.g., IRIX 5.3), Platform (e.g., SUN, SGI ) and Model (e.g., Indy, Sparc10 )

3. Commands used to copy to tape or cdrom (eg tar cvf /dev/nrst9 . ):

4. Commands to extract data from the tape or cdrom: ( eg tar xvf /dev/nrst9):

5. Tape Density, low or high (not applicable for cdrom):

6. A description of what is on the tape (or cdrom): How many records ( a record is a new write after an EOF ), a summary description ( if applicable) of each record (e.g., data on this record is 3000 files ), the size of each record, and a listing of all files that should be retrievable from the tape/cdrom.

7. Name and address of a technical contact in case of problems.

Questions should be addressed to the AMIP Project Office, and tapes addressed to:

The AMIP Project Office
L-264, P.O. Box 808
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Livermore, CA 94550 USA

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Last update: 17 April 1998

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